Creative Uses For Paper Straws : Cake Pops

I'm amazed, really amazed at the creativity of folks.  It seems that each idea is better than the other, so I went on a bit of a "treasure" hunt of sorts, so see what all one can do with our beautiful paper straws. I must say, I'm amazed.  Really Amazed.  (Oh I guess I've said that already) Here are a few ideas that I really like: - See more at:

Cake Pops:  Take your favorite color (or multi colors) and cut the straws in half.  Use them for the cake pop stick.  Easy and absolutely adorable.  - See more at:

Oh, the endless possibilites!

We could go on and on.  Of course, sticking a Straw into one of our Mason Jars with a Daisy Cut Lid for party drinks is the simplest idea, and oh, so cute! - See more at: