Knotted Cables? Ideas To Clean Up Your Cable Disasters 1

Have you looked under your desk lately?  Is it a jungle down there with more cables hanging down than one person should own? Tried to vacuum and got half the cables lodged into the roller of the vacuum, causing a whirl of panic.  (Whew, the computer still turns on!) Well, I think we all have some sort of cable dysfunction somewhere in our homes or at the office.  Wireless has definitely made things easier, but, unfortunately, it seems my cables are still there.  Wireless devices or not! So, let's talk a bit about how to tackle this seemingly impossible job.  Floods of cable nightmares come to mind when in years past we've had to tackle similar jobs.  Never nice, you put it off as long as you can, and then, well, one day inspiration strikes and you're ready to organize.  Maybe, it's right after you visit somebody's house, and they display the model of all cable tidiness, and inspiration strikes! OK.  First step!  ALWAYS, ALWAYS, make sure the power is off to your computer and all the stuff standing on your desk.  There's no faster way of going from Hero to Zero with your hubby, than frying the computer! Secondly, I highly recommend tracing and labeling your cables BEFORE you unplug everything, to make sure you know where everything goes.  Even taking a few snaps with your camera works wonders in the "Where on earth does this go?" department.  Simply take some big file clips, clip it around the cables and stick a little label on.  Works magic in putting things together again. Basic things you'll need: - See more at:

Some sort of tie: Zip ties work great, but even string will work in a pinch. Large file clips, the black ones you buy at Walmart work great. (We sell adorable cable ties, look them over, order some if you wish and it will make life a lot easier!) - See more at:

Ok, once you know where all the cables go to, start unplugging.  Move things around down there and clean.  Come on, you're already here and you'll feel so much better knowing that all those dust bunnies are gone. The key to organizing cables is shortening them as much as possible.  It's these long dangling cables that make everything look messy. Rolling up cables and tying them to the right length is all you need to do.  Make sure that there isn't any tension on the cables, they have a tendency to pull out that way. As you're rolling and replugging in, always make sure you're choosing the shortest route to the plug strip and don't crisscross your cables, if you can help it.  Makes it easier to remove something later. And that's about it.  We're including some great pictures of organizing ideas.  The biggest part of this all is deciding to take control and do it.  Once it's done, you can sit back, and drink a cup of coffee, and dream of boasting about  your cable neatning abilities the next time your friends come over! Happy tidying!  It's a spring thing! - See more at: