Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets that are ever stylish and diversified in many ways - amount of Strands, Colors, and Designs with Decorative or Inscription Decals for various situations, and very comfortable to wear.
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Autism Puzzle Piece - Silver
A simplistic 1-Strand, Single Strap soft leather like Bracelet with a Silver Plated Autism Puzzle...
Believe - Infinity - Black - White
A charming 4-Strand, 3-Decal and Pearl Hand Crafted Vintage Infinity Bracelet featuring Silver Decals elegantly...
Believe, Infinity - Black, Grey
This Bracelet is a beaut! A stunning 5-strand, 4-Decal Bracelet with 4 Silver Decals, elegantly...
Best Friend Bracelet - Black
A distinctive 4-Strand Silver Bracelet with a Best Friend Inscription and Infinity, Turtles, Round Tree...
Best Friend Bracelet - Pink
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE A Lovely 4-Strand Silver Bracelet with a...
Best Friend Bracelet - Purple
A beautiful 4-Strand Silver Best Friend Inscription Bracelet with a soft appeal, featuring Infinity, Turtles,...
Best Friend Bracelet, Color Mix
An amazing 5-Strand Silver Bracelet with a Best Friend Inscription and a Treble Cleft, Owls,...
Best Friend Bracelet, White
A Classy 4-Strand Best Friend Inscription Bracelet featuring Silver Infinity, Turtles, Tree Decals elegantly strung...
Best Friend Gold - Aqua White
A Beautiful 4-Strand Gold Bracelet with a Best Friend Inscription Bracelet and Infinity and Giraffe...
Birds Infinity Bracelet, Brown
A charming 3-Strand Hand Crafted Vintage Bracelet featuring Silver Decals elegantly strung by Brown Wax...
Birds Love Bracelet - Brown
An exquisite 5-Strand hand crafted vintage Bracelet that features Silver Decals elegantly strung by 4...
Birds Tree Bracelet - Brown
An elegant 5-Strand hand crafted vintage Bracelet. It features Silver Decals elegantly strung by 3...