Youthful Jewelry

Cuddly and Fantasy Necklaces for our Young Ladies in delightful designs.
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Wooden Color Mix
Adorable colored kids wooden watches. All young children love to feel "all grown up" with...
Vintage Rocking Horse
An unique and charming Childhood Favorite Rocking Horse Pendant Necklace with 2 authentic Leather Cords...
Tinker Fantasy
An unique and gorgeous pendant Necklaces of a fantasy girl with jeweled wings and a...
Three Owl Friends
An adorable round dome necklace with three colorful little owls huddling together. Chain: Link Metal,...
Mystical Gold Carriage
An unique and charming gold color locket Necklace in a Cinderella-style fairy tale pumpkin carriage...
Green Bird with Glasses
An adorable round dome necklace with a cute little colorful bird wearing glasses.Chain: Link Metal,...
Girls Bracelets - Party Favors
Adorable bright colored Wooden Bracelets for Kids to wear or to use as party favors....