Kids Character Hats

Kids Hats that are imaginative and fun to wear, including delightful Beanies, Beret Caps, Knit and character filled Crochet Hats.
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Beanies - Star Cap
From the Me Do & JoJo Star series, this adorable cotton cap features contrasting weathered...
Boys Hats - Beret Cap
UniikStuff offers these darling boys beret caps made of a plaid material. It features a...
Boys Hats - Brave Pilot - Black
This adorable Pilot Hat is skillfully made and comes with lots of detail: Cute Goggles...
Cotton Beanies
Cool Beanie Hats for little kids featuring colored star motifs on a selection of colored...
Crochet Hats - Blue Monster
A stunning, snug little Hand Crochet Hat in an adorable Blue Monster Design. Handy long...
Crochet Hats - Snugly Kitty
A beautiful, snug little hand crocheted hat in an adorable Kitty Design in Black and...
Crochet Hats - Sock Monkey - Grey Red
A lovely, snug little hand Crocheted Hat in an adorable Pink Sock Monkey design. Handy...
A stunning, snug little Hand Crochet Hat in an adorable CupCake design. This is just...
Curious Hippo
UniikStuff offers these beautiful, snug little hats that are crocheted by hand in this adorable...
Green Froggie
Gorgeous little hand crocheted hats in an adorable Green Frog Design that fit snugly around...
Knit Hat - Beige
An adorable little hand knitted hat in a charming pattern and soft color with a...
Knit Hat - Pink
An adorable little Hand Knitted Hat in a charming pattern and soft Pink color with...