Batman Happy Birthday Banner

Batman Happy Birthday Banner

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A gorgeous 5-foot long Batman Happy Birthday Banner with
a Large Batman Cutout and the typical black and yellow Batman Logo Cutout that has tape adhesives on the back for attaching to the ends of the Banner.

Way to go to set the Birthday Mood with this super Batman Birthday Banner!

To assemble, peel the backing away from the tape adhesive on the back of the cutouts, and attach them to each end of the banner.

Use some adhesive to fasten your banner to a wall, at the edge of a table, even as part of a backdrop for fun photos, or wherever your imagination will take you!

Solid Color Streamers and Balloons in superhero colors added to your Banner create great added accents!

Package contains:

  • 1 Plastic "Happy Birthday" Banner, 48.75" long
  • 1 Batman Cutout, 12" wide x 23" long
  • 1 Batman Logo Cutout, 10"

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