Pie Contest in a Box

Pie Contest in a Box

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Pie Contest in a Box is for farmers' market foodies, retro cocktail party lovers, competitive-cooking-show fans, block partiers, and just about everyone else who shares a hankering for good times and good pie. In the blue-ribbon tradition of county fairs, community cook-offs, and competitive cooking shows such as Iron Chef America, Top Chef, and Throw-down with Bobby Flay, Pie Contest in a Box represents a fun and inexpensive way to entertain.

The kit features:

  • A Pie Contest Handbook, which orients judges to the history of pie, discusses why pie matters, outlines different categories of pie and official judging criteria, and includes prize-winning recipes
  • Pie Contest Judge Badges
  • Numbered Pie Toppers on Toothpicks
  • Pie Contest Scorecards
  • Pie Contest Prize Ribbons

Pie Contest in a Box will have guests clamoring for a slice of blueberry or strawberry rhubarb, along with their scorecard and fork.

Author Bio

Gina Hyams is an author and editor who specializes in mysterious and confounding subjects. She has published several books on family, traditions, travel, cooking, and the arts. Her cooking contest In a Box series includes kits for chili, pie, and Christmas cookies. She lives in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts with her husband, teenage daughter, and dog named Goose.

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