Tad and Dad - David Ezra Stein

Tad and Dad - David Ezra Stein

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Tad the tadpole’s dad is a phenomenal frog. With large, noisy Dad as inspiration, Tad learns to sing loudly (especially early in the morning), swim fast and snap up flies with his sticky tongue. Tad follows Dad everywhere, preferring Dad’s lily pad to his own cozy pondweeds. But as Tad grows from happy tadpole to spirited frog, Dad’s lily pad gets smaller, as does Dad’s patience for sleepless nights.

It’s clear why David Ezra Stein has won so many awards for his children’s books. Every page of Tad and Dad swims with bold, colorful illustrations. Tad’s big-eyed, exuberant expressions convey his adoration and pride, while Dad’s sleep-deprived eyes will entertain any grown-up who has been woken by flailing toddler limbs. Stein easily and expertly captures the excitement of a growing child and knows how to make readers smile.

Whether it’s bedtime or storytime, Tad and Dad is meant to be shared by big and small, so gather your tadpoles, no matter how jam-packed your lily pad.

Meet the Illustrator: David Ezra Stein

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