Writable Vinyl, Week Days

Writable Vinyl, Week Days

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Unique Black Vinyl Chalkboard Wall Sticker in a handy Days of the Week Calendar. Staying organized will never be easier! All the days are pre-cut and the entire calendar is prearranged for you. Comes with a transfer sheeting for easy installation.

We use only the best vinyl to ensure durability and the quality of our products. Our chalkboard vinyl is a matte texture that can be used with real chalk or liquid chalk with no surface priming necessary. The adhesive is strong but not permanent so the panels are repositionable and removable

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1 Set Includes: 8 Separate Pieces, 1 for each Day of the Week plus 1 Note Sticker.

Each Piece (approximate): 7.6L x 8.4"H

Calendar Dimensions (approximate): 30.4" x 16.8H

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